The Woods

Standing tall with two stories overlooking a breathtaking view of a range of cloudy mountains,

The Woods’ bungalow

is the ideal spot for a cozy stay with your family and friends. With wooden interior and walls made of rocks mimicking the traditional mud walls.


offers a generous amount of space to comfortably accommodate about 12 people. Surrounded by a large garden laid out all around with an herbal bath and a small BBQ hut at the corner, the bungalow is enveloped among the broad trees of the land.

The ground floor consists of a cool cement floor which hosts two large bedrooms and attached bathrooms for each. The living area and the dining is spacious and is ideal for a relaxing evening with your loved ones. The staircase to the first floor leads to an open space with two double beds and a balcony that offers a magnificent view of the Wellawaya mountains.

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