The Woods

Cradled between trees and shrubs,

The Woods’ Cottage

rests under a massive and a flourishing tree that curtains the stunning view of a range of misty mountains. Surrounded by the constant chirping of the birds that make visits


is built closely to the kovil and yoga place overlooking a cultivation and a small garden at the back. Mud, believed to be a natural self-cooling agent according to the traditional methods of the island, has been used to build the walls and the ground floor of our cottage. Another resource of the same nature, timber, is used to build the first floor. Created extremely similar to the traditional green homes of Sri Lanka, the two-storied cottage is made out of all natural resources, wooden interior and a thatched roof at top.

The cottage is an eco-friendly spot with space to accommodate about 8 people. It comes with two rooms, a balcony and a dining area as well. The shared bathroom is built at the ground floor.

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