The Woods is specially dedicated to protect Sri Lanka’s rich and extensive flora and fauna by making triumphs towards conserving the natural habitat of the environment.

We Carry Out

extensive and comprehensive research on identifying and conserving the flora and fauna around the Beragala – Wellawaya area with a professional’s aid. Giving special attention towards fauna, we are also focused on identifying endemics of the country.

Along with that we embarked on a special project where we closely examine the fauna that is close to extinction and providing space in our land to re-grow and flourish it. In any case where the flora is unable to be carried back, we notify the relevant authorities and pledge to provide all conditions required to conserve the flora at its natural surroundings.

With the help of a professional naturalist, The Woods work extremely hard at conserving and protecting the habituated flora and fauna in its’ own land and maintain the diversity of it.

Flora & Fauna

Deriving their names from the language of Latin, flora & fauna are the two most critical members of the world’s ecosystem., Read More