The Woods

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a powerful theoretical method of holistic design creating a sustainable, balanced environment in alignment with nature and the foundation for a healthy community. Our vision is to create a self-sustaining center, integrating biological permaculture with water preservation, waste recycling and solar energy.

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design that supports self-sufficiency and sustainability to the entire ecosystem. Every pattern made by a plant, animal or element is considered in a permaculture system. Just like all qualities of human nature are considered in Yoga; mental, physical, spiritual. In both these systems it is believed that holistic observation is imperial to the success and well being of the environment and the individual. When we observe an ecosystem, we discover its natural patterns and rhythms and can work with this natural system to make it whole and complete.

The Woods is a 13 area property in a mountain area of Beragala where we are planning to create an agriculture towards the introduction to permaculture.

Asanga Namal Jayasinghe

(Our Permaculture Consultant)

I am a dreamer, permaculture farmer, designer, facilitator and entrepreneur. I am the coordinator of Permaculture Network Sri Lanka and founder of power plant organic permaculture farm design education project. I am contributing my energy, experience, knowledge for building national and international collaborations to spread the seeds of permaculture. 

Our Aim 

To create and provide organic food at The Woods

  • To have an ecosystem environment at The Woods   
  • To promote Permaculture in Sri Lanka
  • In addition we want to provide a meeting place for individuals from all over the world to learn about tropical flora and fauna and to foster know-how exchange in the field of agro-permaculture.

We take great care of our natural environment, trying to minimize our ecological footprint.

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